Scholarship Mistakes – Avoid them

scholarship mistakes
scholarship mistakes
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Scholarship Mistakes

Considering how tuition fees has skyrocketed in respective tertiary institutions it is important that college students and other students in any study program to learn how to avoid scholarship mistakes that would stop them from getting scholarships to help fund their academic dreams .

The dreadful thing about scholarship mistakes is that most scholarship platforms don’t tell you what you’ve done wrong when they reject you in a scholarship application.  And that would avoid you the chance to know the mistakes you’ve made and know how to correct them the next time.

The magnitude of your mistakes in a scholarship application would make your application have a difficult consideration process or it may result total disqualification.

Take a look at these scholarship mistakes and know where you’ve been getting it wrong.

  1. Giving up

It is important that you understand as a scholarship applicant that you are not going to win every scholarship. In the same vein, you’re not going to lose every scholarship.

Don’t so because you were rejected in your first time and you are not applying again.

When you keep applying, the process gets a lot easier, you get to learn from your previous mistakes, and the reasons you we were rejected the first time and you apply like a professional in subsequent times.

  1. No Uniqueness

When writing a scholarship essay in scholarships that require essay writing, just know that you reader has read a lot of essay from wide range of students.

Writing a story that is very conventional, or drawing instances from a very conventional platform in your scholarship essay may not be the right thing to do

Most scholarship winners are students who are able to capture the reader’s attention through telling reasonable and creative story during scholarship application process.

Try to do a nice job in this department and you’ll see your stories kept in the archive of your scholarship donor and referred to during any event or stuffs like that. Not only that, you will also win the scholarship

Therefore, always be your own judge first.
Ask yourself how you would have felt if were the one reading that particular story.

Think if somebody might have sent a similar story and try to be uniquely creative.

  1. Ignore Sofia media

Scholarship competition cannot be easier, more especially when a lot of qualified applicants and a few scholarships to be offered.

In cases where there are many qualified applicants the scholarship provided becomes very creative.

Scholarship providers even admission board tend to look at the social media activities of the applicant.

How is your activity on social media like? Is it something you are proud of? Is it something that your scholarship platform will be happy when they see them? if not then, you need to do some cleanup on your social media during the scholarship application process.

  1. Having to wait till deadline

Most scholarships are first come first serve, and waiting until the last minute may mean you being disqualified or having your chances of winning the scholarship decreased to the barest minimum.

Waiting until the last minute is not the nicest thing to do when it comes to Scholarship application.

Many students have lost some great opportunities because of reluctance in early application.

Before you consider taking your time to apply whenever you want to, remember the fact that there are variations in time zones. And waiting to the last minute may mean that the scholarship has already expired in the providers timezone. but still valid in your own time zone.

There are dome detrimental effects that could come from waiting to the last minute before submitting application..

What if in the last minute, power goes off or internet network reception becomes very bad?

  1. Falling for scams

There are scammers in all the industry including scholarships. Any scholarship that requires you to pay certain amount of money before you’ll be offered the scholarship has the tendency of being a scam.

Be careful where you put your personal information. Some platforms are not really offering scholarships they want to collect your data so they can steal your identity.

Always do a careful revision on the scholarship platform, and pay attention to your instincts.

If you are having a weird feeling about that particular scholarship, you can skip it and go to the next scholarship. It is not the only scholarship in the world

  1. Rushing your essay or application materials

Remember what is at stake, and make sure you do a nice job.

Don’t rush through your scholarship essay or any application material. Take it take them one by one

  1. Ignoring the small scholarship

It is conventional to pay attention to the big scholarships.

Your thought maybe that if you can win one big scholarship, then you wouldn’t need any other scholarship.

And it is possible that other students are thinking the same thing, and that increases the competition rate of that particular scholarship.

And competition is smaller scholarship would drastically reduce.

When you apply to many smaller scholarships you’ll stand a bigger chance of making more money in Scholarship than somebody applying to one big scholarship.

  1. Submitting application to Scholarships you don’t qualify for

True scholarship would always have some eligibility criteria.

All conditions of giving scholarship by a scholarship platform revolves around it’s legibility criteria, of which if a student doesn’t mean that particular criteria, then he or she wouldn’t be considered for a scholarship.

But some student go ahead to apply for scholarship that they are not eligible for, hoping that the scholarship provider would overlook their ineligibility and offer them the scholarship. This is almost impossible. And it will be a waste of time to apply for scholarship you are not eligible for.

Look for scholarships that align with your interest and apply to them

  1. Skimming is not good

Don’t just rush through information provided by the scholarship. Pay attention to the criteria.

Make sure to provide all that is required of you.

Also show that you understood the essay question by providing relevant answer to the question.

Review and make sure that you’ve provided all that is required before submitting your application.

Missing any required material may disqualify you from being offered the scholarship.

  1. Discontinuing Scholarship search after entering college

Don’t forget that your college fees may increase. And it is important that even after entering College keep applying for scholarships, because it will definitely help you offset the cost of tuition fees and other related academic expenses.


Giving up is apparently a self disqualifying threat and it is not good and should be avoided if one must be successful in scholarship application.

Thinking that you’re too old to apply for a scholarship is not a good idea. And in the same, way, thinking that you are too young to look for scholarship will decrease the chances of becoming a pro in scholarship applications.

Critically Purge yourself of these mistakes and see yourself become successful in scholarship application.

Good luck.

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