Scholarship Interview Questions and Answers

Scholarship Interview Questions and Answers
Scholarship Interview Questions and Answers
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Scholarship Interview Questions and Answers

In scholarship application, getting to the level where you’d have to sit face-to-face with the scholarship representative is a huge achievement. That is why you need to equip yourself with the probable Questions and answers in a scholarship interview. So that you’ll be able to come out successful, because you’ve come a long way already

It is important that you get acquitted with the the probable questions and answers in a scholarship interview. Because the scholarship provider would want to know more about you. They will probably want to find out how you perceive yourself in the next few years, and the things you’re probably going to achieve through the use of their Scholarship.

This process can be very stressful, not really to the interviewer but to the students students who’d have to worry about the probability of not having answers to the questions that might come up in the scholarship interview.

Just as you will do when answering a scholarship essay, you need to be objective. Answer the interviewer using examples and life experiences

Talk with absolute clarity. Don’t be vague. Don’t talk lengthy. Make your answers very concise and go straight to the point.

Here are most common Questions and answers in a Scholarship Interview.

Tell Us about yourself

Basically, this is a very straight forward question, and probably do not have any wrong or right answer. But it definitely has the right way to answer it.

In answering this question make sure you don’t tell the interviewer exactly what is in your resume, because they’ve already seen it and they want something different.

Rather, tell them something about you as an individual, including some distinctive difference between you and other students.

Make it as interesting as possible.

Tell us your strength and weaknesses

Always use examples when answering this kind of question

It is simple to tell them that you can work very hard. But it will be to your advantage if you point out some situations where you’ve worked hard. Show them what working hard really means.

In the same vein when it’s time to tell them about your weaknesses, be honest. Don’t tell them that you don’t have any weakness.

Tell them the significant steps you are taking to overcome those weaknesses.

Make sure you portray your weaknesses in a way that will send a message across to the interviewer that your weaknesses won’t stop you from being successful in college.

Why do you think you deserve this Scholarship?

Many students make the mistake of jumping into this question talking about their high GPA.

Don’t forget that many students also have high GPA and probably that is why you’ve gotten to the level where you are being interviewed.

The first thing you need to do is to explain to the interviewer how winning the scholarship will advance your pursuit of your goals and help you achieve them faster.

Let your answer be objective. Let it portray your commitment, passion and who you are.

Don’t give answers based on what you think the interviewer wants to hear.

Where do you see yourself in five years to come?

Don’t get caught up by this question, nobody expects you to be in Mars in the next five years.

All you need to do is tell them the plans you have and which you wish would have come to fruition in the next five years. This should also include your academic plans

And be honest in your answer. Tell them where you wish to be in the next five years and what you hope to have achieved

Include things that are important to the interviewer. State some research work you wish to carry out before the next five years, including the programs you wish do in your Masters and PhD degree.

Who is your role model?

Remember this question is not about your role model, it is about you.

It is assumed that who you admire consequently reflect the kind of person you are.

You don’t have to tell them all your role models. Choose the ones that falls in the category of the values the scholarship providers represent.

Tell us a time you overcame a challenge

The main aim of this question is to test your mental strength and how you handle difficult situations.

Choose a situation you feel you handled properly and tell them how you were able to overcome that difficult situation.

Questions like these are not limited to academic challenges. You can tell them how you handled a situation where you faced the Bull or how you handled a family crisis. Just about any difficult situation.

Is there anything you’d want say in addition?

Now, this is a very beautiful opportunity. You are not limited to any scope.

If there are things you wanted to say which was not asked in the question, this is your opportunity to say it.

This is also an opportunity to ask questions about the Field of study, if they have any suggestions or academic advice for you.


All of these questions are not difficult to answer and probably do not have wrong or right answers.

What distinguishes interviewees all boils down to the objectivity and creativity associated with the answers they provide.

The place of examples cannot be occupied by any other thing. When you answer these questions with experiential examples it will definitely give you an edge.

After the interview don’t just workout.

It is important that you show dome courtesy by saying thank you to the interviewers for their time and good considerations. It is important

Show a little bit of willingness. Tell the interviewers that you will be happy to answer any more question if they have any. Make sure you stand out from other qualified applicants

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