10 Biggest misconceptions about scholarships

biggest scholarship misconceptions
biggest scholarship misconceptions
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Biggest misconceptions about scholarships

Before you start applying for scholarships it is important that you understand the Biggest Misconceptions about scholarships that have been sold by students to other students.

It has been discovered that only a few students who graduated with good grades in their high school apply for scholarships.

This is because these students have bought these biggest misconceptions about scholarships which has stopped them from applying for scholarships after their High School Education.

Eglobal scholarship team have carefully listed and explained these biggest misconceptions about scholarships in bid to get you equipped for scholarship applications.

Here are the biggest misconceptions about scholarships

  1. Scholarships are only for students who are gifted.

Many High School Graduating Students have bought this one of the big misconceptions about scholarships.

They’ve been informed that only gifted students sre eligible to apply for scholarships.

Scholarship platforms and foundations use different criteria in offering their scholarships.

Therefore, scholarship application eligibility is not only dependent on being gifted in academics.

Some of the factors taken into consideration when offering scholarships ranges from, coming from a low-income family, nationality, parents occupation or residential location.

This explains the fact that scholarships are not only meant for extremely gifted students.

  1. There are few Scholarships available.

There are tons of organisations offering scholarships to students. But it is only the biggest among these platforms are known by students. And consequently receive the most application from students.

But the truth remains that there are more than 10 thousand scholarship platforms located in Europe only.  And most of these platform receive less number of scholarship applications. Because they are not noticed by most students.

Unless you put in diligent work in your scholarship search, you may not be able to find this kind of scholarship platforms. And you may end up saying that there are few scholarship awarding organisations.

  1. You Must be committed Socially

This is one of the biggest and pronounce misconceptions about scholarships application. Because it falls in most scholarship criteria and requirement.

Why being socially committed is an important attribute when it comes to scholarship applications.

There are still scholarships that will offer students an opportunity even if they’re not involved in any kind of social commitment or community work.

  1. Funding will not be enough

Every scholarship platform is careful enough to set out a certain amount that they will offer to students who are considered eligible for the scholarship.

Therefore, it is important that read the scholarship description to know how much they are offering.

The amount offered by scholarship platforms varies greatly depending!

The amount offered to postgraduate students or doctoral students is not the same amount that will be offered to Undergraduate Students.

You shouldn’t bother about whether or not there are enough fund. All you need to concentrate on is winning the scholarship and you will definitely be awarded the scholarship money.

  1. Uncertain outcome and time-consuming application process.

This kind of misconceptions about scholarships is a thing of the past. Where it is difficult to find scholarships that suits a person, including the uncertainty of winning any of them.

Many scholarship search engines now provide the opportunity to set up a profile of you. And this reduces your scholarship search because a notice will be sent across to your email immediately a scholarship is available that suits your profile.

  1. It takes time to apply for scholarships

This is not really true. Because many application process takes about 10 to 20 minutes.

Often, this application processes are done by email and requires less information about you, unlike job application.

Though there are some graduate scholarships that requires more details, which might include work experiences, and deluge of information from your CV. But there are other scholarships that requires just your name, location, school and Academic level of study. Just as simple as that

  1. Many Applicants and less chances.

Many students apply for only popular scholarship because of the publicity given to those scholarships.

But there are tons of other smaller scholarship organisations that complain that they don’t have enough candidates to offer their scholarships.

It is important that you search diligently to see those smaller scholarship with less applicants. Not only those scholarship that receive the biggest publicity.

  1. I must have financial need to receive scholarship

Another pronounced misconception about scholarships.
It is important that you note that brilliant students from rich homes still receive scholarships.

Selection criteria of every scholarship vary greatly.

It is important that you note that some scholarship platforms offer scholarships to students who are academically successful and do not take in to consideration how much the family make.

Some Scholarship platform consider nationality of the students and not the financial state of the student.

  1. It is only at the beginning of an academic study when scholarship is offered

Most students lose hope in scholarship application because they’ve already started studying a course, with the belief that scholarships are offered only to students in their first year of study or who are yet to start their post secondary or graduate course.

Most scholarship platforms offer scholarships to students who are already studying a course not taking into consideration if the student is in their first year, second-year, or even in there final year of study

  1. Scholarships can only be used to fund living expenses

Scholarships can be used to fund just about anything. There are scholarship that are fully funded which covers tuition fees, including living expenses, books and board,  just about anything you can think of which concerns academics

Meaning scholarship platforms provides other forms of funds which might include flight tickets, internships abroad and other related expenses.


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