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World international global scholarships

Eglobalscholarships.com (eGS), is a free, online education resource portal on the internet, for students around the globe. We aim to provide local and international students and scholars any where in the world a platform for accessing scholarship, grants, financial aids, and study-for-free opportunities, and other disclosure of academic information, including the provision of information about universities, colleges, high schools and other academic institutions for personal and professional development.

The motivating goal is to provide the link in educational achievement by merging local and international students to opportunities worldwide. We are in a race to become the number one source of education resources for students from anywhere in the globe.

Simple Search. More Scholarships.

Eglobalscholarships.com offers a simple and easy to access approach to finding any type of scholarships for local and international students of all ages. There’s no quicker or better way to find free or full scholarships, grants, financial aids or even free tuition Universities, everything is here.

We Update Our Scholarship Data Daily

Our dedicated staff are committed to updating scholarships and other opportunities in our database daily. We quickly respond to feedbacks. And we keep viable scholarships updated and we discard any that appears to be inactive or stopped. We understand circle of scholarships, some of which are annual and not all of the annual scholarships are on the same schedule yearly. We adapt and adjust so you won’t have to do the adjusting, because we have you at heart.

I’m only a High School Freshman. What About Me?

Congratulations to you, because you are starting your scholarship search at a very prime time many college students are wishing they had started. There scholarships for high school students, but it may not be as numerous as it is for seniors, but the ones available are not as competitive, plus, you can get an early start learning about the dynamics of finding scholarship money for college. You will definitely have an edge on all the others who are waiting to start their scholarship search later.

The Dream

The dream was birthed out of a passionate desire to empower local and international students from all strata of life by making it possible for every interested local or international student to find all he/she is in need of in a single website that offers it for free.

The motivation grew from a strong belief that education has a powerful role to play in offering a better life for and incrementing global development.

It is still evolving and open to partner any group, individual or organization who shares our dream and source of motivation.

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